Soft Focus

A podcast on movies and culture from @SamRupertGiles, @theodoreschafer, @qu4ntity, and @mrombes.

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Episode 8: The Neon Demon

We all say some very smart things about Nicolas Winding Refn's latest movie The Neon Demon.

Episode 7: Super Heroes/The Lobster

In this episode we talk about big budget super hero movies and what may be the summer's biggest indie movie.

Episode 6: Books, The Internet

What's everyone reading lately? Are millennials ill equipped to read? Do books of collected tweets have any merit? All that and more...

Episode 5: Knight of Cups

Terrence Malick's latest movie, Knight of Cups, is a source of tension and disagreement among the podcasters.

Episode 4: Soft Focus Awards

We hand out awards to some of our favorite movies of the year in advance of the Oscars.

Episode 3: The Big Short

On this episode we discuss The Big Short, a possible—perhaps even likely—Best Picture winner, before exchanging a few miscellaneous Oscar takes.

Episode 2: Entertainment

After finally choosing a name for the podcast, we dig into Rick Alverson's new movie Entertainment, which stars Gregg Turkington.

Episode 1: Love in 3D

In this, the first "real" episode of the podcast, we discuss Gaspar Noe's Love in 3D.

Episode 0: Mistress America

In our first proto-episode, we talk about Noah Baumbach's Mistress America, brainstorm ideas for the podcast, and have an argument cut short by more pressing matters.